Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The Stock Market

top things you dont know about investing in the stock market

The stock market is nearly not as complicated as a lot of people think. It is like an auction where buyers and sellers can negotiate prices and make trades. This began when countries in the New World started buying and selling among themselves. Many pioneer merchants wanted to start major businesses and required a certain […]

A Complete Guide to Portfolio Management for 2020

portfolio management for noobs

It is usually advised that for a business to scale or grow, a portion of the profit has to be reinvested into the business. But it is one thing to know that you have to reinvest into the business and it is another thing to know how to go about it. One of the toughest […]

8 Things to Consider Before Making Investment Decisions

7 things to consider before making investment decisions

Wouldn’t life be easier if we all could apply a point-and-shoot method to investing? In other words, we point at the assets we want to buy, they make us rich, end of story? Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works; things like earnings per share, debt-equity, and market projections are some of the uncomfortable little […]

Investing in Stocks – The Only Guide You Will Ever Need to Read

investing in stock- a beginner's guide

Have you been in a gathering and they were talking about owning stocks and you were wondering what they were talking about? Or maybe you were researching investment opportunities and came across stocks but had no idea what they mean; this article will hopefully address all your questions. Let us start from the beginning. What […]

How To Protect and Grow Your Investment Portfolio In A Pandemic

how to secure your investment even in a pandemic

It is no longer news that the economic shock of the coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented. A pandemic is an unfortunate event to hit the global economy as its far-reaching impact leads to recessions, currency devaluation, among others. You may be thinking that this must certainly be the worst possible time to invest your hard-earned […]

The Tradeoff Between Capital Preservation And Investment Growth

Let’s picture Hope as an investor who is doing relatively well with his business. He gets a chance to try to step up and better his company, but he is posed with the dilemma of losing a reasonable amount of capital or gaining a lot more. The thought of settling for his moderate business scale […]

The Revolution That Is Online Stock Trading

online stock trading

If anybody told your great-grandmother that with one item, she can speak to people across the world, get resources from across the world, get a university degree, take photos, listen to music, stream videos, and even trade stocks, she would probably have called the person’s bluff. Yet, the advent of the internet is a reality […]

Tools For Investment Capital Appreciation

tools for capital appreciation

In the business of investing, there are certain general assumptions. Top on that list is that everybody wants to make more money. That is, all investors want to increase the value of their investments. While there are many factors or even tradeoffs to be made, capital appreciation is generally one of the core goals of […]

3 Ways To Mitigate Inflation Risk In Your Investment Portfolio

ways to mitigate inflaction risk in your investment portfolio

A friend of ours had saved a million Naira in a non-interest yielding fund. She had planned to purchase a car worth the same amount with it but saved it on second thought. After 3 years, even though her money was still intact, she realized that the things her money could buy 3 years ago, […]

Who Is A StockBroker?

who is a stockbroker

Let’s say you have gotten tired of investing in the money market and other low-risk, low-return investment vehicles. With the value of treasury bills crashing, your earnings are not so different from those obtainable from a savings account. As such, you have decided that it is time to invest in the stock market. You have […]